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1. Drawing Activity

Images and Pictures

2. Drawing Activity

Geometric Patterns
Border Designs

3. Drawing Activity

The Swordsman

4. Drawing Activity

Mystic Rose

5. Drawing Activity

MathoGraph Horse

How to make the
Galloping Horse GIF
... Animation ...

6. Interactive Activity

How to draw and colour ... 'Images'

7. Drawing Activity
... with Video ...

Use hands-on tools
to Draw and CODE ...

'Circular Patterns'

8. Interactive Activity

Use Interactive Interfaces
to Design and CODE ...

'Circular Patterns'

9. Interactive Activity

Use Interactive Interface
to Design and CODE ...

'Kaleidoscope Patterns'

10. Drawing Activity

Create Border Patterns
and Corner Designs

'Reflection Symmetry'

Hexadecimal Color 'CODES'

Interactive Interfaces

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With our unique 'MathoGraph Tools' you can create an unlimited number of:
Images, Geometric Patterns, Circular Patterns, Border Designs

Activity 4 Activity 3 Activity 10 Activity 7 Activity 2 Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 1

At the heart of MathoGraph are 27 geometric and abstract shapes
located on 5 plastic templates

The templates are used individually or with other tools ...
Platform, Set Square, Mid-point Ruler

The System is supported by Workbooks and Interactive Software

Engaging with the system stimulates creativity, focus and deep thinking.

The system integrates elements from 'Maths, Art, and IT' and explores 'Color and Design'.

MathoGraph Activities engage the user with a range of maths concepts that include:
Slide-Flip-Turn, Grid Location, Angular Measurement, Factors, the Number Line,
Data Collection, Rotation Symmetry and Reflection Symmetry.

Ref. Activity 4 ( link )
Draw the Mystic Rose

Ref. Activity 5 ( link )
Create an Animation GIF

Ref. Activity 10 ( link )
Design Border Patterns