MathoGraph Educational Overview

MathoGraph Activities have been tested and refined in Victorian Primary and Secondary Schools.

Most of the activities are hands-on but provide scaffolding opportunities for Digital Technology Concepts.

They stimulate Creativity, Focus and Computational Thinking and develop Technical Drawing skills.

The System integrates elements from Maths, Art and Design and Digital Technology.

Concepts include:
Transformational Geometry ( slide-flip-turn, line symmetry, and turn symmetry ),
Location, Angular Measurement, Factors, the Number Line, Data Collection and Coding.

Two unique features of the MathoGraph System are:

1. The MathoGraph Code ( an alpha numeric algorithm )
This enables the Designer to code Circular and Border patterns so they may be accurately reproduced.
The MathoGraph Code is made up of three parts:
Shape Code - Location Code - Movement Code

2. The MathoGraph Interactive Interface
Enter a Pattern Code and see how the Interface simulates a hand-drawn pattern.
Alternatively design a pattern using the Interface and replicate it using the hands-on tools.

The MathoGraph Classroom Starter Pack provides the ideal introduction for both Primary and Secondary Schools. ... 'Classroom Starter Pack' ...
This pack contains:
1 - Circular Patterns Plus Set ( for 1 student to draw circular patterns using the MathoGraph Platform )
3 - Workbooks for classroom activities for all levels ( ShapeArt, Structured Drawing , Circular Patterns )
7 - Basic Tool Sets ( for 7 students to draw ShapeArt and Structured Drawing activities )

The Pack provides tools and activities from simple to challenging, acknowledging the wide range of abilities within classrooms. Activities will suit students working in groups of up to 8 and self-paced learners.

For Home Schoolers we recommend the 'Circular Patterns Plus Set' ... This set contains ShapeArt, Structured Drawing and Circular Pattern activities for 1 student.

Advanced Activities:
The Border Design Set focuses on Linear Symmetry using our unique Mid-point Ruler, Translation Symmetry and constructing corners using a 45% set square.
The MathoGraph Designer Set includes all 4 workbooks:
ShapeArt, Structured Drawing , Circular Patterns AND Border Design activities.

No matter which Set or Pack you order , additional tools, activities and books can be ordered individually or in multiples to suit your requirements.

Please donít hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.