Use Interactive Interfaces to Design and CODE ... 'Circular Patterns'

Code: 2B - 3C( f ) - R

Code: 2B - 9E( f ) - Y

Code: 2B - 11B( f ) - B

1. Video - How to draw 'Circular Patterns'

2. Interface - Use Shape 2B and DOTS around the Protractor

3. Screen Shots - How to draw a 'Circular Pattern' ... CODE: 2B - 11C - R

4. Patterns created using Shape 2B and DOTS around the Protractor

5. Interface - Use Shape 2B and SPACES around the Protractor

Patterns created using Shapes selected from Disc A and Disc B

Rotational Symmetry Patterns ... REF: Sample version of CD

Example ... CODE: 2B - 11C - R
'Circular Pattern'

Compare development of pattern with example

ACTIVE Interface: Use Shape 2B and DOTS around the Protractor

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If you encounter any problems it is advised to use 'Internet Explorer Browser'

It is advisable to view the 'SCREEN SHOTS' below ( Figs 1, 2, 3 ) before using the Interface

Fig 1. Steps 1, 2, 3

Fig 2. Step 5

Fig 3. Step 6

This interface uses the colored 'DOTS' around the Protractor to determine
the number of equally spaced shapes in the circular pattern

With RED dot selected change the Tooth Number and Slot Location to change the pattern
To enlarge Image .. Right click center of image and select 'Zoom In'

Select the Steps ( 1 - 6 ) shown in the Interface and make selections as indicated in the 'Screen Shots'

The Screen Shots match the development of the pattern drawn in the Video ... CODE: 2B - 11C - R

Fig 1.
STEP 1: Select ... face-side-up
STEP 2: Select ... Tooth Number 11
STEP 3: Select ... Slot C
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Fig 2.
STEP 5: Select ... Red Dot - Press the button 6 times for 6 shapes equally spaced
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Fig 3.
1. Hide protractor to view pattern - Press button
2. Change tooth and slot selections
Observe change to pattern and CODE
3. Repeat STEPS 1 - 5 with the flip-side-up of Disc B
Use same selections for a symmetrical pattern
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