How to use the MathoGraph® Hexadecimal Color Code Interface
and write the HEX code to create different colors

The 'Hexadecimal Color CODE' for creating colors is made up of six characters.

The characters are selected from digits ( 0 - 9 ) and letters ( a - f ).


Hex Code >

c 8

6 c

a e

Color >

c 8  6 c  a e

With the mouse pointer ( left click ) select these characters in order in the Red, Green and Blue columns
in the 'Interactive Interface' and press the 'Press for Color' button.

Interactive Interface

Convert a 'Hexadecimal Number' into a 'Decimal Number'.

Select a pair of characters in the'Decimal Code' column and press the 'Press for Decimal' button.

c8 = 200
6c = 108
ae = 174


Hexadecimal to Decimal and Decimal to Hexadecimal